Discover Your Perfect Scent

Embark on a personalized fragrance journey with our Find Your Fragrance offer. Our scent experts will curate a collection of 10 x 1ml luxury samples based on your preferences. Plus, we’ll surprise you with two bonus samples for added excitement. Get ready to uncover your new favorite scents for just $150. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience high-end, luxury perfumes and fragrances tailored just for you.

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Get a Tailored Sample Pack

Indulge in the world of high-end, luxury perfumes with Find Your Fragrance. Our scent connoisseurs will carefully select 10 x 1ml samples based on your tastes, along with two bonus samples for an unexpected treat. All this for just $150. It’s time to dive into a personalized fragrance adventure and uncover your new signature scents.


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The Fragrance Clinic offers an instore experience like no other. With knowledgeable staff, you can get tailored recommendations to suit your specific preferences. You can even smell the fragrances before you make your decision, allowing you to make an informed purchase. Plus, you can shop with the assurance that all products are authentic, thanks to our authenticity guarantee for all products. Get the best advice and find the perfect fragrance for you with the Fragrance Clinic.